EHP Member ID Cards Get An Upgrade

As a part of Johns Hopkins EHP’s improvements to our claims processing systems, all EHP members will receive new member ID cards next month. Your updated ID card will have information different from your old ID card. These changes do not affect your plan benefits.

What will change on my new ID card?

• You will have a new member ID number.

• You will have a new EHP group number.

• There will be a new mailing address and updated phone numbers for claims processing on the back of the card.

What do I need to do?

• When you receive your new card in the mail, throw away your old ID card and keep only the new one.

• Bring your new ID card to your next visits with each of your providers and the next time you use your pharmacy so they can update your information and submit your claims correctly.

• If you receive your prescriptions by mail or using auto-fill, contact your pharmacy and provide your new card information.

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