EHP Member ID Cards Get an Upgrade

Your New EHP ID Cards

As a reminder, all EHP members should have received a new ID card in the mail. Members who have not received a new card should continue to use their old ID card and call Customer Service at 410-424-4450 or 800-261-2393, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This new ID card is active immediately and should be used through 2023. Plan benefits and coverage have not changed. Only members who are new to EHP or recently changed their EHP plan during open enrollment will receive another ID card for 2023. Although the ID cards are active now, plan year benefit accumulators (deductibles, out-of-pocket-maximum and visit counts) are not affected and will reset as normal at the start of the next plan year.

What changed on the EHP ID card?

  • Members have a new ID number and EHP group number.
  • New mailing address and updated phone numbers for claims processing on the back of the card.
  • For certain JHHS members, the new ID card assigns members an individual primary care provider (PCP). Previously, some members had a provider office assigned as their PCP. Members can see any provider at their PCP’s location for the same copay. Members are not required to select a PCP. Members can change their PCP by calling Customer Service at 410-424-4450 or 800-261-2393. Selecting a new PCP will generate a new member ID card.

What do members need to do?

  • Throw away the old ID card and keep the new one.
  • Bring the new ID card to all future visits so providers can update the information.
  • Members with pharmacy benefits through CVS Caremark should show their new ID card the next time they visit the pharmacy in person so they can update the information. This also applies to members who receive prescriptions by mail or use auto-fill.
  • JHU members with pharmacy benefits through Express Scripts do not need to update their information with their pharmacy or prescription service. Your new EHP ID information is automatically shared with Express Scripts.
  • Members with plan information stored in MyChart or another provider portal can manually update their EHP ID information.
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