Can’t find the time in your schedule to work out? Do you enjoy having a workout buddy, but can’t get together? BurnAlong, a cutting-edge fitness and wellness program, can help!
Work out on your own schedule, and at your own pace and convenience. Stream classes anytime—alone or with friends—using your computer, tablet, or phone, or casting it to your T.V.

Unlimited Choice

If you ever feel bored with the same old workouts or aren’t sure how to try something new, give BurnAlong a try. With more than 30 wellness classes to choose, from fitness to nutrition to stress relief to barre, there are plenty of options to keep your workouts from getting stale.

Social Motivation

Connect with your friends, family, or colleagues and join a live, private group session, no matter where you and they are. Create goals and challenges for your workout group or get inspired by others in the BurnAlong community.


BurnAlong will recommend classes and programs for you based on your previous workouts and preferences. You can connect with your instructors and other users online.

Johns Hopkins EHP members can sign up for an entire year of unlimited BurnAlong classes for just $39!


  1. Go to
  2. Put in your information and select annual plan
  3. Put in discount code EHP39.


Watch Paullete’s Amazing Journey with BurnAlong. From health crisis to front page of the newspaper!