• How to Use Our Provider Search Tool

    Finding a primary care provider (PCP) is an important first step to getting the most out of EHP. Your PCP gets to know you and your health needs, treats common problems, teaches you how to keep yourself as healthy as possible and refers you to specialists if needed.

    You can use our Provider Search Tool to find a PCP as well as a specialist, hospital or other facility.

    Step 1: If you would like to search for a specific provider, type their name into the “Already have a doctor/facility in mind?” box. As you type, possible matches will appear under the box. If you see the provider you are looking for, you can click on their name. To see the full list of matches, click the “Search” button.

    If you do not have a provider in mind, you can search based on location.

    • In the “Location” section, type in your home ZIP code (or the ZIP code of where you want to get care).
    • Use the drop-down selection to choose the farthest distance you would want to travel to see your provider.
    • To see all providers in your state, simply use the drop-down selection to choose the state you want to search.
    • In the “Service Type” section, use the tick-boxes to select the type of service you are seeking. You may select more than one service type. For a PCP, choose “Primary Care.”
    • Click the “Search” button.

    If you search by ZIP code, the results are sorted by closest distances first. If you search the entire state, your results are sorted alphabetically. You can choose other ways to sort the results from the “Sort by” box.

    Step 2: If you want to improve your search, type in the provider’s name, ID or specialty in the Refine Results box. You can also use the drop-down selection bars on the right to narrow your search results to search providers by specialty, network, hospital affiliation, medical group, language spoken or gender.

    To search for a Vision specialty provider, search under the provider’s specialty (for example, Optometry or Ophthalmology).

    To make sure that the provider is accepting new patients, click the box on the right. Then click “Search” to refresh the list with only those providers.

    You can also do a location search based on your full address to know exactly how far a provider is from your home or work. Type your address in the “My Address” section at the bottom of the right-hand menu.

    NOTE: Let EHP know when you select a new PCP. Log in to your member portal and enter their information, or call Customer Service at 410-424-4450 or 800-261-2393.

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