Serve up some stress-free happiness at your dinner table. The incredibly powerful DinnerTime meal planning solution is built to satisfy your tastes, your budget, your dietary goals, your schedule and your lifestyle.

Here are a few reasons to start using DinnerTime today:


Automated meal planning.

Take the hassle out of planning dinner. No more flipping through cook books or searching online for recipes night after night—DinnerTime picks your meals for you and plans out your week.


Hand-picked recipes based on your preferences.

Create a profile with your budget, dietary restrictions, time you want to spend cooking, and personal tastes¬—DinnerTime does the rest. You’ll get exceptional recipes built for you and your family.


Custom shopping lists use on-sale ingredients.

To complete your weekly meal plan, DinnerTime will create a shopping list for your preferred store, sorted by aisle or section. Plus, it will find groceries that are on sale, saving you both time money. (Integration with grocery delivery services coming soon!)


Exclusive to EHP Members.

Current EHP members get a free subscription to DinnerTime, included with their membership.

Start today! Visit www.dinnertime.com and use referral code: HOPKINSEHP and your EHP member ID number.