EHP Working with Rawlings Subrogation

Sometimes, EHP members have medical expenses that may be the responsibility of another insurer due to accidental injury or illness. Examples include a motor vehicle accident or work-related injury.

EHP works with The Rawlings Company for this type of payment recovery, called subrogation. Rawlings identifies certain medical services that are often the result of these type of incidents. To determine for sure, Rawlings may send members a questionnaire to gather more information about the cause of an injury or illness and whether another party is involved.

We ask that you answer these questions to the best of your knowledge and return the questionnaire, even if there is no other party involved. Based on your answers, another insurance carrier or responsible party may be obligated to reimburse EHP for medical expenses the plan paid on your behalf.

If you receive a letter from EHP and Rawlings and you still have questions about this request, please call The Rawlings Company at 877-229-0448.

EHP ensures that Rawlings, and all of our third-party partners, never shares any information with any other organization. We understand the importance of your personal information and have appropriate procedures in place to ensure its safety. Only information that is permissible under federal and state laws is disclosed by EHP to Rawlings.

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