How can I get an emergency refill of medication in response to COVID-19?

Ask your pharmacist to enter an emergency refill override. Pharmacists have been notified on what code to use for override. If your pharmacist has problems with how to override the claim, they should contact our Pharmacy Help Desk for assistance. You must have a valid prescription or refills available.

How much medication can I fill as an emergency refill?

You may fill up to a 30-day supply for your maintenance medications.

How much does an emergency refill cost?

You will pay your normal copay for an emergency supply of medication.

How can I get my medications without leaving my home?

  • Ask your pharmacy if they offer store delivery during this emergency period.
  • Use a pharmacy with a drive thru
  • Ask a healthy family member or friend to pick up your prescription

How do I sign up for mail order?

EHP Members may sign up for mail order with CVS Caremark Mail Service.
You can connect online at Sign in or register your account. Click “Order Prescriptions,” then click “Request a New Prescription” to enter your medication.

Your doctor can fax new prescriptions directly to CVS Caremark by calling 800-378-5697. CVS Caremark can also contact your doctor directly to obtain a new prescription for you. To get that process started, call CVS Caremark at 800-875-0867 or log into the CVS Caremark portal. Click on “Start a New Prescription > FastStart”. Be prepared to provide the names of your medicines and your doctor’s name and phone number.

You can download, print, fill out, and mail the mail service order form to CVS/caremark to enroll.

How long does it take for the medication to arrive from mail order?

Usually a mail-order prescription will get to you in no more than ten days.