Plan Perks

EHP is always looking for ways to improve your health.

With Plan Perks, we find products and services that support our goal of helping you live your healthiest life. Then, we give you free or discounted use of them.

So go ahead, enjoy these Perks as part of your EHP plan.

  • DinnerTime

    Generate custom meal plans based on your family’s budget, tastes, schedule, dietary restrictions, and more. DinnerTime chooses health recipes and plans your meals for you. It even creates shopping lists based on sales at your favorite grocery store.

    Sign up for free at with referral code HOPKINSEHP and your EHP member ID number. Learn more.

  • BurnAlong

    Get—and stay—fit, no matter where you are with BurnAlong, a new cutting-edge fitness and wellness program. BurnAlong offers more than 1,000 classes in 30 categories, including cardio, mindfulness, nutrition, and physical therapy. Classes range from beginner to advanced and feature local and national instructors. Through this Value Added Service, you will get unlimited access to the BurnAlong platform and can stream classes on your own or with colleagues and friends in a private group setting whenever you want, wherever you want, for just $39 for an entire year! You can access the classes on your computer, tablet or phone, with the option to cast it to your T.V.


    1. Go to
    2. Put in your information and select annual plan.
    3. Put in discount code EHP39