SuperiorVision Eye Exams at Wilmer Optical

Johns Hopkins EHP SuperiorVision members enjoy the option of getting their eye exams at the world-renowned Wilmer Eye Institute. Wilmer Optical is a full-service vision center, offering eye exams, specialized care and hundreds of optical frames. Wilmer has an agreement with SuperiorVision to provide routine eye exams as a covered In-Network service.

It is important for EHP SuperiorVision members to know that ONLY routine eye exams are included as a covered In-Network service. All other services and materials including, but not limited to, frames, lenses, contacts and contact lens fittings are considered Out-of-Network when seeing a Wilmer provider. Anything beyond a routine eye exam will be determined as Out-of-Network care. EHP members may take their prescription to a different In-Network provider to receive additional covered services beyond a routine exam.

Members who wear contact lenses should receive a service called “contact lens evaluation, fitting and follow-up,” also known as “contact lens fitting and evaluation.” This service is in addition to the routine eye exam and is coded and billed separately.

A contact lens evaluation, fitting and follow-up visit includes:

  • Assessment of the eye and measurement of the eye surface for lens fitting.
  • Trial lenses and education on how to use and maintain contact lenses.
  • A follow-up visit, usually about a week later, to check the eyes and ensure the lenses fit well.

EHP SuperiorVision members should be aware that contact lens evaluation, fitting and follow-up is not payable under the comprehensive exam benefit, but is a separate benefit.

Don’t forget to use your Flexible Spending dollars to save even more on your eyewear! If you have any questions about your vision benefits and coverage, contact EHP Customer Service at or call 1-800-261-2393.

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