Having the basic skills to properly care for your baby is so important. You want to give your baby the best care possible, but there is so much to know, so many details, it can seem overwhelming. Along with holding and feeding, you need to know things like skin care, healthy sleep and noticing warning signs. Our health education video, “Baby Care Basics,” gives you practical, easy-to-follow information on taking the best care of your baby.

The video is designed with new parents in mind, but it is great for caretakers or grandparents who may like an up-to-date “refresher” before meeting their brand new grandchild. Our professional health educators give you solid advice on baby care and show you the best methods for things like feeding, diaper changing, bathing your baby, umbilical care and, of course, burping. Along with practical tips on caring for your baby, there is also valuable advice on how to take care of yourself so you can better care for your baby.

Want to learn more? Sign up for our two-hour online workshop, Baby Basics, perfect for expecting and new parents on caring for their newborn from birth to 6-months.

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