EHP Makes Care Management Personal

Several years ago, Wanda Manigo-Cartwright was leaving the office where she works for the Johns Hopkins Health System IT department. While walking, she lost consciousness and collapsed on the street.

The incident required an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator, which she now wears. Recalling the incident, it wasn’t just the care she received that stands out. Wanda was impressed with the prompt outreach from her care manager with Johns Hopkins Employer Health Programs (EHP).

“As soon as I got home and settled, my care manager went over my new medications and helped me understand the changes to my health,” Wanda said.

Wanda worked with the EHP Care Management program for five years to improve her self-management of her high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and aforementioned heart issue. Through monthly phone calls, her care manager, Jo Watson, helped her keep track of the health care appointments she needed to schedule. She received information on exercises to try and how to eat healthier based on her chronic conditions.

“She showed me how to read a nutrition label, which I never really knew before,” Wanda said.

But one of the best benefits of the program, Wanda added, was receiving all of her high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetic medications for free. And when she started a medication for her heart, her care manager helped her apply for and receive a rebate for $742, helping her pay for the medication for a year. “I’m so glad someone told me about this program,” Wanda said.

Wanda has been an EHP member for 27 years. The Care Management program has been a highlight for her, but EHP has also been there for Wanda in other ways. For her heart condition, she preferred a female cardiologist. With EHP’s expansive network and customizable provider search tool, she easily found one. And by scheduling her future appointments in advance, Wanda says she has never had a problem getting the care she needs when she needs it.

EHP has helped Wanda save money on prescriptions, improve her health by managing chronic conditions and connected her to doctors and health care providers that meet her care needs and preferences. Now, she spreads the word to colleagues about the benefits of care management and ensures they know about the plan every open enrollment season.

EHP Care Management is all about helping you achieve your health goals. Whether you’d like to lose weight, manage a chronic condition, have fewer asthma attacks or have a healthy pregnancy, our Care Management services can help. In addition, members who participate can have their copay waived for certain medications for chronic conditions. Simply request the services you think may best help, and we will work to provide a solution that fits your needs. To learn more or request services, contact Care Management at 800-557-6916 or

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