Introducing Johns Hopkins Health Plans

Employer Health Programs (EHP) is excited to announce a change to its parent organization, Johns Hopkins HealthCare (JHHC). Effective July 10, JHHC is now Johns Hopkins Health Plans.

In addition to EHP, Johns Hopkins Health Plans offers three other innovative managed care programs, including Advantage MD, Priority Partners and US Family Health Plan (USFHP). Along with its Solutions division, Johns Hopkins Health Plans serves more than 700,000 lives.

How does this impact EHP?

The EHP plan itself, including name, benefits, services and coverage, is in no way affected by the name change and rebrand. The main change members will notice is that communications will now be from Johns Hopkins Health Plans, featuring the Johns Hopkins Health Plans logo. Plan-specific information will refer to EHP, but the EHP logo will no longer be used.

Members will start to see these visual changes immediately – a letter featuring the new EHP letterhead is on its way to households. Additionally, the EHP website now features the Johns Hopkins Health Plans logo. Other documents and materials will be updated over time, so you can expect to see a mix of old EHP-branded and new Johns Hopkins Health Plans-branded communications.

Anything else I need to know?

Members may see some additional association with the other health plans offered by Johns Hopkins Health Plans. Members may also notice a fresh attitude that celebrates Johns Hopkins Health Plans’ ongoing commitment to develop innovative, analytics-driven health programs in collaboration with provider partners to improve the quality of care and health outcomes of the members and communities it serves.

Learn more about Johns Hopkins Health Plans at the redesigned website

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