Care Management

Through Johns Hopkins HealthCare, EHP offers a one-of-a-kind structure of health programs for our plan members… at no cost. Members are placed in one of three levels and, depending on their level, are given a variety of support, tools, and services that are specifically designed to help them better understand and manage their medical conditions.

Complex Case
For members with complex medical conditions or multiple conditions. These members, such as adults and children with diabetes, asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and/or congestive heart failure, are contacted by a care manager who will assess their health status, work with them to develop a self-management plan, and help them in getting the right care. Some other examples of complex medical conditions include: high-risk pregnancy, cancer, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease, end stage renal disease, serious pediatric conditions, and stroke, spinal cord or brain injuries that require rehabilitation.
Case Management
For members who have less complicated conditions (such as less severe asthma or diabetes) but have a risk for developing other conditions or complications, may benefit from ongoing monitoring and help with staying on a healthy track. Health assessment coordinators will track these members’ health status and needs over time, encourage progress toward their health goals, and periodically give them health information about exploring and keeping a healthy lifestyle.
Lifestyle Management
For members with conditions that are more easily kept under control. These members will receive routine mailings of material about their condition. This material will keep these members’ self-management skills up-to-date so that they can continue to live full lives and avoid any complications.



What is a Care Manager?

Care managers are skilled nurses and social workers who provide support, guidance, and encouragement in helping our members manage their health. Working closely with our members and their health care providers, case managers:

  • Assess physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and financial needs
  • Educate members on ways to manage their health
  • Assist with referrals to specialty providers
  • Coordinate care with other departments and community agencies
  • Provide ongoing communication to track and review progress

Other services provided by the program include:

  • Periodic mailings of health educational materials
  • Communicating to the member and health care provider about medical and pharmacy claims
  • Review of medications with our clinical pharmacists if needed
  • Help getting behavioral health services; this service can be reached by calling the toll-free number 1-888-309-4573
  • Outreach to eligible members as they leave inpatient care, ensuring they get the correct follow-up care and needed medical equipment
  • Help with discharge planning, care coordination, and member and family education when moving from a hospital to a lower level of care
  • Greens, Beans & Leans: A Complete Diet & Exercise Guidelines

If you think you may benefit from these programs or services and would like to refer yourself, or if you have any questions, please contact us:

Care Management
7231 Parkway Drive, Suite 100
Hanover, Maryland, 21076

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Please do not send any Personal Health Information (PHI) or personal medical information when using the e-mail link above. Please include contact information in case we need to reach you. Any messages received after business hours will be addressed the next business day.

Johns Hopkins HealthCare’s health programs and services are voluntary and are provided at no cost to the member. Members identified with certain needs may be automatically enrolled but are under no obligation to participate.