Find a Provider

EHP plan members have the benefit of utilizing both the EHP contracted provider network and the Cigna PPO contracted network. To locate a health care or durable medical equipment provider, start by searching the EHP network.

If you or your dependents are out of the Maryland region or you are unable to find a suitable health care provider in the EHP network, please search the Cigna PPO national network:

EHP Network

The EHP network gives you access to 14,000 health care providers and 30 hospitals in Maryland, ensuring that you can find care and services near you. The EHP Network includes primary care, specialist, behavioral health, and other providers, as well as urgent care, hospitals, and other medical facilities. Search the EHP network

Cigna Network

The Cigna PPO network is a supplemental provider network, giving you access to more than one million providers and hospitals nationwide, including Maryland. EHP covers all health care services received from providers in the Cigna PPO network at the in-network benefit level. Search the Cigna PPO network 

Pre-Authorization Requirements

All EHP plans require pre-authorization prior to any hospital stay, but coverage and copays for other medical services vary among plans. EHP providers should work with you and EHP on pre-authorization requirements for all inpatient hospital stays and any outpatient procedures that require pre-authorization. Be sure to review your Summary Plan Description (located at your HR office) to see your medical benefits.

Out of Network

If you need to treat a non-urgent condition and you cannot locate an in-network EHP or Cigna PPO provider, you may still be covered. Your plan may offer an out-of-network option for many services. To determine whether specific urgent and non-urgent services are covered out-of-network, or to determine any copay or reimbursement responsibilities, review your Summary Plan Description, which is available through your HR office, or visit the Benefits Explorer.

Find a Lab

Use the Provider Search Directory tool to find a lab. In step 3, under “I would like to see…” check the Radiology and Lab option.

Specialty Appointments

Do you need help scheduling a new appointment with a Johns Hopkins specialist? Use the Access Services Specialty Appointment Line, available to all EHP members! This service helps members schedule new specialty appointments with a Johns Hopkins Preferred Provider. Call 866-206-7210 to make an appointment. Visit our frequently asked questions to learn more.

Nutritional Counseling

EHP’s network features nutritionists who can help you maintain a diet that’s right for you. Use the provider directory to find a nutritional counselor near you, and visit the Benefits Explorer for coverage information.