Medical Care Network

Find a Provider

Local Network

As an EHP member, you have access to 14,000 health care providers and 30 hospitals in Maryland, ensuring that you can find care and services near you. Search for a provider, hospital, and other medical professionals online.

All EHP plans require pre-authorization prior to any hospital stay, but coverage and co-pays for other medical services vary among plans. Be sure to review your Summary Plan Description (located at your HR office) to see your medical benefits.

National Network

Our members have access to a national network of over 600,000 providers and hospitals through MultiPlan, a vendor that contracts with providers nationwide, and their PHCS Healthy Directions network. Now, members can experience the freedom of in-network medical benefits outside of Maryland. Multiplan is available in Maryland for Suburban and Sibley members.

Search our national MultiPlan PHCS Healthy Directions Network. If you need assistance, contact MultiPlan directly at 1-866-980-7427.

Please note: This coverage varies among plans. If you are traveling out of the country, this would be out of network.

Find a Lab

Use the Provider Search Directory tool to find a lab. In step 3, under “I would like to see…” check the Radiology and Lab option.

Find a Hopkins Preferred lab, radiology, ambulatory surgical center or rehabilitation center.

Specialty Appointments

Do you need help scheduling a new appointment with a Johns Hopkins specialist? Use the Access Services Specialty Appointment Line, available to all EHP members effective immediately! This service will help members navigate and schedule new specialty appointments with a Johns Hopkins Preferred Provider. Call 1-866-206-7210 to make an appointment. Visit our frequently asked questions to learn more.